Artwork 'Field Portrait' sold!

Painting 'Field Portrait' has a lot of similarities with another recently sold painting, 'Drone'. This one is a bit smaller but has a similar background and similar lines.

Even the way it sold, via Instagram, is similar to painting 'Drone'. I try to post my work-in-progress as often as possible on Instagram. Some paintings and artworks get a lot of likes, others don't. Painting 'Field Portrait' got a like and a nice comment from Anna Green, a photographer who has her studio in the same building as me. She also moved when the old building was demolished and we had to move to our current location.

We have had a minor misunderstanding in the past about a painting I intended to give away. Luckily that is all solved now and we get along great. With the misunderstanding in my head I offered her a discount for the painting and she decided to buy it.

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