Eight fresh new Mr. Upside artworks online - Item 4 of 8: Set of five luxe postcards

Actually this series of 8 blogposts talk about the re-discovery of some archived artworks that weren't available on the Mr. Upside webshop yet. But this article is not so much about a re-discovered artwork as it is about a re-designed set of Luxe Medium Postcards.

4. Set of five luxe postcards

The webshop has already a set of four Luxe Medium Postcards for sale but I also wanted to have a set of five postcards. A set with an more minimal back, to make it more versatile and even better for writing a nice message on the postcards.

I've been a fan of the Moo Cards and Moo as a printer for years. The printing quality is unmatched. The packaging is luxureous and similar to the high level that Apple uses for its packaging. The products are creative and the presentation is flawless.

I have never found printed matter on such super heavy paper. Let alone postcards and business cards consisting of several layers of pressed paper with one layer in a distinctive color.

Anyway, I liked the idea of having smaller products with Mr. Upside artworks on it, for a low price. It inspired me to do more similar products, which will be available soon in the webshop.

This set of five beautiful Luxe Postcards is yours for € 19,95 / $ 21,41 *

* The price in dollars is calculated on the exchange rates at the time of writing this blogpost. Shipping costs depend on the shipping method and delivery address.

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