Dustarmy Brand Identity – Case study



Jos Bakker owns a number of successful companies that all have one thing in common; vacuum cleaners and accessories. The webshop of one of the smaller companies, Stofzuigermarkt.nl, previously received a new house style and UX re-design that I designed. Because that went satisfactorily, I was also asked to design a house style / brand identity for a new webshop from Jos Bakker; Dustarmy.

Mr. Upside Dutch Freelance Brand Identity Designer Case Study - Logo Dustarmy Webshop Vacuum cleaner supplies

Tools used

Adobe Illustrator


Brand Identity Design

Less dusty

Whereas Stofzuigermarkt (translated as: ‘Vacuum Cleaner Market’) would focus more on the B2B market with the sale of larger numbers of vacuum cleaner accessories, Dustarmy was also intended for private individuals with smaller volumes. Core values ​​such as ‘less dusty’ and ‘younger appearance’ were mentioned as part of the briefing. The name “Dustarmy” was established and was a legacy of previous attempts to breathe life into the brand.

Line 8 px Light Blue - MrUpside Freelance Digitale Produc Designer

Soldier as a vacuum cleaner

With the name ‘Dustarmy’ as the basis, I designed a minimalist cartoon character of a soldier with the shape of a vacuum cleaner. A typeface was ultimately selected for typography that represents the more technical, robust side of the army. Consciously, this did not include exaggerated militaristic fonts.

Line 8 px Light Blue - MrUpside Freelance Digitale Produc Designer

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