Frisverse Webshops brand identity – Case Study


Frisverse webshops – Personal project

With e-commerce then still in its infancy, I came up with the bright plan to start selling webshops via a webshop (Frisverse Webshops).

Mr. Upside Dutch Freelance Brand Identity Designer Case Study - Logo Frisverse Webshops - Webshop Design

Tools used

Adobe Illustrator


Owner – Personal project
Brand Identity Design

The ‘Frisvers’ webshop was meant to sell my creativity through a webshop. In addition, I came up with ‘Fresh web shops’, with which web shops could be sold via an online configurator. So selling web shops via a web shop.

Line 8 px Light Blue - MrUpside Freelance Digitale Produc Designer

Business plan

In the business plan for ‘Frisverse Webshops’ I saw a web developer providing the backend technology on a white label basis. I would take care of the Visual Design and the logo design.

Line 8 px Light Blue - MrUpside Freelance Digitale Produc Designer

Sample webshop

The logo for Frisverse Webshops had to visually get a relation with the logo of Frisvers because webshop Frisvers would have the function of example webshop.

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