Multizorg VRZ brand identity – Case study


Multizorg VRZ

Multizorg VRZ professionally manages care purchasing and contracting for various Dutch health insurers. Multizorg VRZ arranges national healthcare procurement and contracting for health insurers a.s.r., ONVZ, Eno and Zorg en Zekerheid. Quality, price and accessibility of healthcare are key issues in this regard. With this cooperation, efforts are also made to reduce administrative burdens for healthcare providers. I was asked to design the branding.

Mr. Upside Dutch Freelance Brand Identity Designer Case Study - Logo Multizorg VRZ

Tools used

Adobe Illustrator


Brand Identity Design

Conventional communication

The healthcare sector has a fairly unambiguous appearance in the Netherlands, but also internationally. Fresh colors such as blue and light green are often used. Because Multizorg VRZ focuses on bringing health insurers together, there is no need to ‘swim against the current’ or to stand out in particular. Conventions in communication are the goal here rather than something that should be avoided.

Line 8 px Light Blue - MrUpside Freelance Digitale Produc Designer

Reliability and predictability

The same applies to the formal language in the logo and the typography. Reliability and some degree of predictability are desirable in this case.

Line 8 px Light Blue - MrUpside Freelance Digitale Produc Designer


That is why the logo is made up of basic shapes; the falling circles. The circles represent the collection of elements (health insurers). The icon is also an abstract representation of people who provide care; the care provider who helps another care provider and ’embraces’ metaphorically.

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