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Keep calm and think of new recipes


Photo 5 (Close up) of a handmade illustration / painting, a commissioned artwork by KPN, a large Dutch telecommunications provider. Artwork is created by Dutch contemporary urban artist Michiel Nagtegaal / Mr. Upside.


Commissioned artwork for major Dutch telecommunications provider KPN, as a farewell gift to a manager who left the company.

The artwork is a handdrawn illustration on a linnen canvas. It is a double portrait of the manager. The left side, looking backwards, depicts the business side as an IT-manager. The right side shows the person as a passionate home cook.

Calm and passionate
In the character description given by co-workers of the manager, 'keeping calm in stressful situations' was one the characteristics mentioned. Furthermore the manager is a passionate home cook that likes to show his culinairy achievements.

More pictures and background info in the corresponding blogpost on this artwork here.


• Original, unique and one of a kind
• 50cm x 100 cm
• 19,6" x 39,3"
• Wooden floating frame included
• Posca acrylic paint markers
• High gloss varnish
• January 2017

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Dutch artist Mr. Upside

The painted, wooden phone holders are a artwork commissioned by large Dutch telecommunications provider KPN. The artwork is created by contemporary urban artist Mr. Upside. He uses vibrant colors and bold patterns as a visual language of happiness and joy. Artist Mr. Upside is the art brand name of Michiel Nagtegaal.

He owns a small art gallery in Voorburg and works in a studio space in The Hague in The Netherlands (Holland). Besides paintings and art objects Mr. Upside loves doing a mural on your office wall, shop wall or illustrations on walls in a home. Michiel Nagtegaal is also a freelance UX designer and illustrator at Designia.

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