Westerpop Delft brand identity – Case Study




Westerpop is an annual (now bi-annual) festival in Delft. In 2009 it celebrated its 20-year anniversary. I was asked to take care of the design for the crew shirts.

Mr. Upside Dutch Freelance Brand Identity Designer Case Study - Logo Westerpop Delft 20 jaar

Tools used

Adobe Illustrator


Brand Identity

Initially, it was intended that only an illustration would appear on the front of the t-shirt. I advised to make an anniversary logo. It made communication easier and the festival more recognizable.

Line 8 px Light Blue - MrUpside Freelance Digitale Produc Designer


The English expression ‘under your skin’ to indicate a strong commitment was the inspiration for this logo that resembles a tattoo. Setting up (and visiting) a festival every year for 20 years shows dedication and commitment. A tattoo also lasts a long time and moreover fits well with the ‘rock-and-roll’ theme of the Delft music festival.

Line 8 px Light Blue - MrUpside Freelance Digitale Produc Designer

Less is more

The logo / illustrate has been used in the festival newspaper, online, on promotional printed matter and on the t-shirts. The limited color palette (red and black) made use in all kinds of media easier.

After a few preparatory pencil sketches, the logo was designed in Adobe Illustrator.

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