Hi, I am Michiel Nagtegaal, a Dutch creative Digital Product Designer, based in Voorburg, the Netherlands

Let me help you reach your business goals, using my 20+ years experience in UX/UI Design, Brand Consultancy, Graphic and Identity Design. I like to turn complex problems into simple and elegant solutions in order to build great experiences. Let's give your clients something to talk about!

Lyla Coach

Let's have a conversational UI about sleep improvement


Event Manager connects content with communication

How may I help you?

What goal do you want to reach?

Design is a means to achieve a business goal. New customers. Or more revenue.

Delivering a beautiful image can never be the main goal of a project. Just like any other business investment, an investment in a Freelance Designer should generate profit. The result below the line is what counts.

I am a Dutch Freelance Digital Product Designer. Feel free to contact me to see how my design can help you reach your business goals. 

What return on investment do you make on design? Are you paying a designer for making tools? Or for a business result?

Currently working on:

UX/UI design webshop, branding + packaging

View the project. Brand identity extensions

Logo + huisstijl ontwerp, UX/UI website

View the project. Brand identity extensions.

Online communicatie

I am taking on new creative digital design projects! Don’t hesitate to reach out and check my availability.